ezPMOdrastically reduces PMO costs, whilst improving quality.

* pronounced “easyPMO”.

No new, costly software. No expensive additional infrastructure, just the best use of what’s in place through some clever automation. 

ezPMO is a simple, configurable reporting tool that works alongside existing project management tools to generate clean, professional reports with minimal effort. 

Get professional and accurate Project and Programme Governance that meets your specific requirements in days.

  • More timely reports.

  • No fixed design – it’s easy to design slides as you need them.

  • Allow staff to concentrate on quality than pack preparation.

  • Remove significant cost from PMO.

  • Drive consistent standards and quality.

  • Easy configuration and set up

Key features

  • Import data from numerous sources – MS Project plans, Excel workbooks, Sharepoint or other sources providing data connectivity for MS Excel.
  • Design output – tables, matrices, Gantt charts can be configured and presented separately or together as a dashboard.
  • Build packs – define combinations of slides to build regular packs, each supported with a cover and contents page.

Take a look

Play any of the videos below to see examples of what it can do (best viewed in full screen mode):

ez:Gant Video

Automate the creation of a gantt chart in Powerpoint from MS Project data

ez:Matrix Video

Automate the creation of a risk profile from a risk table held in an Excel workbook

ez:Report Video

Automate the creation of a programme summary report from data held in Sharepoint

ez:Report Video

Bring data together ; Automate the creation of a programme dashboard

Why not have a look at what else it can do? or contact us. Download PDF Information about Ezpmo.